Altered Deck and Birmingham


The no stud thing didn’t work at all, so I needed to change the deck.

Straight off I wanted a try an idea someone had given me to use Meng as my lead huckster, since that would give me a lot more room in my starting posse. Barton was an obvious choice for a Stud, so he went straight in.

Wanting to get up to 4 influence, my choices then to get either 3 guys with 1 influence, or a guy with 2 instead of two of those. When checking the 1 influence dudes, I wasn’t overly impressed, and taking a 2 influence dude would also allow me to start Allie Hensmen, which is something I really like to do to put early game pressure on.

Ulysses was my first choice, but I decided to look at some other options. And even though it ment I’d only start with 1 ghostrock on losing lowball, I decided to go with Dave Gorman, he’s not a strong Huckster, but his ability could be useful, and it allows me to start with 2 studs.

I made a couple of changes to the deck, mostly Nightmare Realm being bumped up to 4 copies since it was the only Hex Dave can reliably succeed, and switching 2 copies of Mirror, Mirror to Peacemakers, to combo with Dave and protect my studs.

Took the new deck to Birmingham, where my phone struggled with power, so I couldn’t take many notes


Round 1 – Eagle Wardens

I get a deed in my opening hand, he doesn’t. In fact, after the game he tells me his Grifter showed him that both his jokers would be in his first lowball hand, so he takes that hand so they’re not aced.

He doesn’t see a deed (all game) and I get some money, and put down some hexes, and even the legendary holster. Allie starts to generate me some control points.

Twice there’s a largish shootout, and both times he hits me with Nightmare At Noon, and both times I have Stakes Just Rose to bring in a dude as a stud.

I start throwing out 5 of a Kinds and win the game.

Possibly the luckiest game I’ve had, not only due to drawing stuff I needed, but the fact he wasn’t drawing anything useful.


Round 2 – Sloane

We’ve both got the same outfit card, and a few of the same dudes. I get a deed down, and so does he, and he also gets a Peacemaker on his Barton. His Barton then comes and sits on my deed.

Getting some cards out, I moved Allie (with a knife) into the Town Square and start generating control points.

Eventually he’s forced to make a move, and I end up taking down enough of his guys to secure a win.


Round 3 – Morgan

We both play a couple of cards, and I get Nightmare Realm and Peacemaker on Dave, then start moving dudes into the town square to protect Allie.

He goes for a job to get a horse, and I defend it, using the combo on Dave so I have studs and he doesn’t. I kill two of his dudes and he gives up on the job and I go home.

Quickly though, Nathan is a 5 Stud, and he’s just moving everywhere, I can’t get into a shootout without him being there.

I can’t even draw a cheatin’ card, and I can’t seem to get another way to tank his bullet ratings.

Eventually I need to go into a shootout, and I manage it with 1 cheatin’ card in my 4 cards, and I get Nathan down to a 3 bullet rating. He gets the cheatin’ card, and I get destroyed in the shootout for the loss.


Game 4 – Morgan

Not playing for the tournament anymore, I get another game. He’s throwing out gadgets everywhere, and I’m generating control with Allie mostly. He’s also generating Influence, and with Hustings down I’m checking like twice a turn how close I am to winning.

Mirror, Mirror makes a 4 stud a 0 draw, which gets me a win in a shootout.

I also spread my dudes out over his deeds to start generating even more control.

He hits Allie with a Rope and Ride, pulling her into a location I can’t bring anyone. But I use Stakes Just Rose to pull in Barton, who uses the Holster to kill one of his 2 dudes in the shootout, he then cheats and I kill the other with Coachwhip.

After that I’ve pretty much won.



The deck worked well, although I’m still slightly unsure about games where I struggle to get a deed. I think I might move some cards around to see if I can get another deed or two in there.

I might not change the deck at all for the next tournament!















































York Tournament – No Studs


At Manchester the biggest problem I seemed to have is that because I’d been pretty much “forced” into using Jake Smiley, I only had 2 mobile influence, so once I’d initially forced people back in the early game, I didn’t have the mobile influence to win the game, specifically I couldn’t trigger the control point generation on the outfit card.


So I looked, and I wondered if I could cope without a Stud, so I only had 1 upkeep. And the more I looked at it, the only thing really I could do to keep down at 1 upkeep would be Jose + 2 generic dudes that cost 3 and have 1 influence. Sticking with Raven, that gives me essentially 3 more ghostrock (or 4 if I borrow first lowball).

I decided to throw in Agent Provocateur and Darragh.

I also decided that I wasn’t happy without a Stud, but Tournaments are the only place I can try things, so I thought I’d give it a go in York, and see how it goes!


Round 1 – Fourth Ring

Fairly quickly he drops 2 or 3 attachments, mostly spells, so with 2x Mugging in my hand I decide to get rid of some of them. Especially since I have a Bowie Knife in my hand.

When I look at my draw hand, best legal I can do is two pair, so I go for a cheating 5 of a kind. Unfortunately he has a Coachwhip, which kills Morales.

Not a lot happens after that, apart from he gets a Shotgun. With my low values, pretty much no one is safe from the shotgun, good job I discarded the other Mugging on the first turn….

Eventually I’m in Check, and throw everyone in to get him off my deed. Someone dies to the shotgun, and I use Mirror, Mirror to make his only stud a draw. He loses the round and The Brute dies for the second time in the game, and he runs off.

I run over to all his deeds, but I’m 2 off winning unfortunately.

Next day I draw the Legendary Holster, but I lose lowball, so I know I can’t put it on Mendoza, I can only put it on Antheia, but she’s alone at his deed, which he instantly moves onto, so I don’t control the location.

There’s nothing I could do much other than try and get everyone in to the same location and hope I win a shootout. But after Mendoza dies to the shotgun, I’m way behind on cards and all my dudes die.


Round 2 – Fourth Ring

He hasn’t got anyone who can shoot, not a single Stud, and I think I’ve got the advantage in any shootout.

After a couple of days there is enough control on the board to win, so I go for it.

In a shootout I get 2x Four of a Kind, and neither is legal, so I go for a legal Full House. unfortunately he has a Four of a Kind, and uses Hexslinging to win by 3 ranks. I’d only been able to get 2 dudes into this shootout, so Jose is now gone, and I can’t do anything with what I have left and lose.


Round 3 – Fourth Ring

First action I throw a Legendary Holster onto Jose, he plays a deed and all my guys move over. I use my outfit and throw a Hex on Jose. Then a mugging comes down from my opponent, and I decide to not appose it, since I have no studs and he has 2, and losing those attachments aren’t as bad as losing Jose.

First Lowball had seen both copies of Bottom Dealin’ go, so I’m not gonna draw either of those (I also never draw any Coachwhips either).

Third Lowball, I lose both Jokers.

There’s a shootout in the Town Square (yay for Raven doing nothing), and I’m not sure about Nightmare at Noon continually checking, but I give him the benefit of the doubt since I’m 2 games down it doesn’t overly matter. And Jose is hit by Pinned Down, and we’re drawing roughly the same number of cards, but I just get junk and lose nearly everyone.

The game isn’t over, but it’s only a few turns later that I’m in check, and Mendoza runs into a shootout giving me nothing, and I lose the game.


Round 4 – Morgan

Day 1 he drops Allie Hensman, and he gives her a Pearl Handled Revolver.

After she’s booted in the town square I go in for a Mugging, so I can also use the Bowie Knife in my hand, and Jose is a nice stud. I win the shootout by a rank or two, and he loses someone and runs away.

Next day Allie boots in the town square again, so I go to kill her.

He uses the Doomsday Supply to get a Winchester, turning off my Bowie Knife, but he doesn’t use the Winchester to stop Jose becoming a Stud again.

He’s got 2 Draw, I’ve got 7 Draw, I throw back some cards and end up with a Cheating Full House, which is no where near beating his Legal Five of a Kind.

Coachwhip makes sure I’ve got no one left and the game is over thanks to the 2 control on Allie.



Got unlucky in several places, and looking back there was the obvious misplays.

Jose died first in several games, thanks to things like Pinned Down and Coachwhip, which left me with influence dudes no use for anything else. And I couldn’t do anything after that really.

The entire “No Studs so I can have more mobile influence and 1 upkeep” did not work at all. Next set there might be things that help, but right now the entire thing needs to be re-evaluated. Either living with the fact that I won’t get 3+ mobile influence, or that I need to drop Raven or something.

Someone at the tournament gave me an idea of what I can do with my starting posse, which I’ll probably look at doing for the next tournament.

Doomtown Worlds


I’d decided that getting to Manchester for 10am was a bit unlikely, especially on a Sunday since Public Transport tends to be a fair bit worse on Sundays. So I’d got a hotel booked for Saturday night.

So in addition to the tournament on Sunday I got some classic games, and a fair bit of drinking done, with my favourite classic game being when I picked my Agency deck not knowing the Collegium deck Zack was playing was full of Werewolves and Pox Walkers, that game ended with me having 3 bioengineers Requiems running around, and me hitting Suzy with Exorcism.

I had a great time, meeting and talking to all the nice people there, some for the first time. The tournament had loads of promos which was great, and since Dan was selling Mats I bought the Hangin’ Judge one, since he was my favourite dude in Classic (who doesn’t want to start with an 11 cost dude with 1 influence?) and I probably spent too much getting the Maria mat in the silent auction, but for a one of a kind mat of the picture I had as the background on my phone? Worth it.


For my deck, it was essentially unchanged from the last time I played it in November, apart from switching from Raven to Sloane. This is probably something I’ll evaluate and think about going forward, since both these seem pretty similar really, but for the moment I’m using Raven.

Also, due to forgetting to charge my phone the previous night, and playing a few games of Hearthstone while I waited for the shop to open, I was unable to make notes on the games I played, so chances are these write-ups are going to be even more sketchy than usual…


Round 1 – Morgan (The horse one)

Straight off he tutors for a horse and that horse is the mechanical skeleton thing that also counts as a weapon, which doesn’t make me particularly happy since I’d given Jose a Bowie Knife.

Jen with that skeleton was pretty annoying, but I eventually get him in a shootout where he cheats so I hit him with Bottom Dealing, and Jen dies.

After that he had 3 deeds and 3 influence, and there were a couple of days where I tried to push for the win, but I was always 1 card off a win, whether that was a deed or another dude to move around, eventually in a turn I got 2 more control points (including a trigger from Corporeal Twist after catching a guy!) and he threw everything he had into a final shootout.

I think it was about 2 Shootout actions in when I realised he probably had a cheating card, and he probably knew I didn’t, so the chances were he’d go cheating 5. So I had to either go cheating 5 or legal full house, and losing 2 dudes wasn’t appealing. I elected to cheat, which I got punished for, losing the game.


Round 2 – Law Dogs (Miracles on the Original home)

Day 1 he played 3 deeds, so I went to sit on them, and he went to defend.

I wish I’d wrote down something for this game, because there’s very little I remember other than that, I think I might have had a Mirror, Mirror, but I forget, I might even have had a Corporeal Twist for an extra control point.

But because he was down to 1 card I figured the chances it was a cheating card was low, and I was right as I started to throw out cheating 5 of a kind.

After the shootout I had enough control from his deeds and Raven that I won day 1.


Round 3 – Morgan (Again… horses…)

We both developed a bit, and eventually he hit 3 deeds, at which point I moved most of my dudes to one of his Ranches, that’s when he started booting Jose (who had about 4/5 attachments) pretty much every turn.

He attacked Jake Smiley who was sat alone at home, sending his entire gang, but he cheated getting hit by Bottom Dealing and he ended up needing to take 5 casualties, and leaving after that, keeping Jake Smiley alive.

I drew a We Got Beef one day, so Jake Smiley wondered into the town square to try and get Nathan Shane into a shootout, who Pistol Whipped Jake, I then bought another dude and sent them into town to try again. It was at that moment I realised We Got Beef costs 1 and I’d just spent the last money I had on the dude.

Think it was that same day that Zack eventually got enough control to beat out my influence with all my dudes being booted there wasn’t much I could do about it. He’d decided to avoid me in shootouts and to win on the board, which he did.


Round 4 – 108

He drops a bunch of deeds, and I swarm over to take control of them.

Day 2 he drops a bunch of deeds, and in fact, even with taking over 3 of them, he still has 5 control to my 4 influence and I lose.

There’s not much else to say to that!


Round 5 – Law Dogs

I have something like 10 deeds, maybe 11 or 12, and this game I decided to draw them all apparently.  I played more than it was probably sensible to do so.

I was sat on his California Tax Office, which he kinda forgot about when I was pushing for the win since he dropped Steven Wiles and my next action was to use the Tax Office on him.

I know it was the next day that the game ended, but I forget how, I think there was a shootout that I lost, I think it might have been another shootout where I had no cheating card so he could just keep throwing 5 of a kind, I know he had cheating actions on the board, so I couldn’t cheat. But I lost.



Winning 1 game out of 5 didn’t feel great. How much of that was play error, and how much was my deck needing change I’m unsure. I had fun regardless.

The general feeling I had is that since I can’t get many games between tournaments that what I’m playing isn’t going to be the strongest, and not as refined as it could be.

When it came to the kill lists, I found I wasn’t that bothered by a lot of the other factions dudes, but I wanted to save every Sloane dude. I decided to throw my “saves” on Miranda, with some games I threw down a “kill” on some annoying character.

When it was revealed Barton was dead, it wasn’t that big of a shock to me really.


Deck Changes

Two things often came to mind while I was playing the games.

The first was that a lot of shootouts seemed to be decided by who had a cheating card. I’m running 4 cheating cards, and more might be useful, or maybe even some way of cycling through more cards to get to those cheating cards.

Looking at the cheating cards it might be worth playing more copies of Coachwhip! but chances are I’ll be cheating as well, so that’d be just 1 more casualty for them. If I play more copies of Bottom Dealin’ I’d have to drop mugging, which is often really useful, so I’m unsure I want to do that…

The second was the fact that I only have 2 mobile influence, while Jake can take control of a location over nightfall, in nearly every game I played my opponent played plenty of locations and the more of them I can control the more money I get, and Protection Racket pretty much never gave me control points due to this limiting factor of 2 dudes.

My first instinct is to rejig the starting line up, which I’ll be doing anyway, but to make sure I have at least 3 mobile influence.

It was suggested to me that I don’t need to start with the Core deed, but the first time I played Protection Racket none of my opponents played (m)any deeds, so I couldn’t really use the ability. So I’ll probably be keeping that in mind as I try different things.



Mostly the games felt very close each time. I feel with a bit more tweaking it’ll get there. I should probably get some practice in before a tournament, even if it’s just a couple of games where I can try and remember what it is my cards do.

So yeah, had great fun, and looking forward to the next one!

Sloane/Stone Hucksters


With “There Comes a Reckoning” being tournament legal, it warranted my deck being updated. Also in my mind I had the fact that I was running Protection Racket with a grand total of 1 dude with any influence to move around, which was occasionally awkward.

Straight off, Nightmare Realm would go straight into my deck, as it felt like a card nearly custom made for my deck. While not as useful as Mirror, Mirror or Corporeal Twist, I think it’s a great card.

Obviously the stars of the set though are the Servitors. It’s good that 3 of the 4 Servitors fit my deck, with only the gadget themed one doing nothing for me. I decided however that Stone is a better bonus than Raven in shootouts for me, and the control point and uncapped bullet bonus make it not worth me considering Raven right now. I also decided that I didn’t like Grimme booting my hucksters.


With Stone in mind, I looked at my starting line up. Previously, I’ve discounted any posse that needed Jake Smiley, and I’d discounted the Core deed over Howard into Joker’s Smile with Clementine, but with money even tighter I decided to broaden it out a bit.

After adding in tons of new rows into my spreadsheet (now 1441 rows long) and looking at the rows after filtering out the ones I couldn’t afford I started to get some ideas. I altered the deck, had some different ideas, altered the deck again and ended up with my starting line up being:

Jake Smiley, Jose Morales, Barton Everest, Daragh, the Core deed, and Stone.

First off, this gives me 2 ghostrock even if I lose Lowball, which wouldn’t be possible without Jake, and gives much an awful lot more options in the first turn.

Second, Jose can use the Holster, and if Stone can give Barton a bullet, he can now use it, Stone really gave me the option of starting a 2 stud instead of “needing” a 3 stud.

Third, Jose and Barton both have influence, making it easier to take over locations.


With this built, I headed to Huddersfield for the Servitor tournament.

Round 1 – Beyond the Veil

I can name a good 3 or 4 cards I’ve previously played that allowed me to do well against Spirit Fortress, but I don’t think I’m playing any. Additionally, without things like Kidnapping or Allie, I know I’m going to struggle to apply a lot of pressure or be aggressive enough.

I throw down a bunch of hexes, and some deeds. Eventually Vince plays the hideout and all his guys start to hide there, with their spirits…

Jose has a bowie knife, and he has Theo with Phantom Fingers and something else attached. I decide to send Jose and Barton in with a Mugging which goes through with no contest, and the next action is Nic.

Now I’ve booted my main two fighters, I move over Jake and Sandford, making sure I put Jake in his house so he can boot into the fight. Jake gets sent home and I Stakes Just Rose to pull Jose in. I throw off some shootout actions, go to use Stone, and realise it’s a reaction not a shootout action…

My legal full house doesn’t do well against his legal 4 of a kind, and it’s essentially over as Nic has enough votes to control the town.


Round 2 – Desolation Row

I win Lowball in the first day, which means I have enough to buy a Legendary Holster as my first action. I also quickly get a Mirror, Mirror on Morales.

He doesn’t have any anti Holster cards, and struggles, he runs the outfit job, but he’s losing guys. Thanks to bad ordering, I don’t get any control points from Stone, but this is the first game I’m playing with him, using his ability, and I think I’m still learning.

Eventually I kill enough of his dudes who come out to play and get enough control points down to win.


Round 3 – Abram’s Crusaders

He plays some miracles, I play some hexes. I get Buford out and give him a Bowie Knife, and decide to keep him around since I can afford it. I mug Jael’s Guile off a dude.

I’m thinking of forcing a shootout, but he comes at me. Over three rounds I draw pretty much 3x Three of a Kind, with the third round he cheats with a 5 of a kind, and I don’t have a cheating card. Because I’m an idiot, I stick around for a 4th round and just lose.

Really my fault for not pulling back. I figured eventually he’d draw poorly and I’d draw well, when I should have held back for a cheating card at the least.


Round 4 – Law Dogs

Getting a Mirror, Mirror and Corporeal Twist down I head over to their deed. They have a Flame Thrower, but I’m confident. I draw poorly and lose horribly, lose both Barton and Jose in fact.

Thankfully I’ve not lost, since Jake is now carrying me.

I slowly rebuild, end up getting Maria down with a Mirror, Mirror and a Legendary Holster. Next day I play Ramiro, but before I can move the Holster to him a bounty hunter comes over and Maria is unprepared. I win the shootout however, and Stone gives Ramiro a Control point.

Next day, Maria gives the Holster to Ramiro, and we head into town for a big shootout.

I lose the first round, and drop Maria who failed both her spells. I then Stakes Just Rose Daragh in so if I lose by 1/2 ranks I can keep Ramiro around.

I can either go with a legal two pair, or a cheating 4 of a kind. I choose the latter, which beats their cheating full house, winning me the game.



Apart from maybe sticking around in long drawn out shootouts with no cheating card in my hand, it seemed to go well. Obviously I’d hoped for better than 2-2, but I at least won half of them, so it’s not that bad.

Not sure what cards I could include specifically against Spirit Fortress, but maybe that would have been different if 3 of my 4 Stakes Just Rose hadn’t gone over in the initial lowball, maybe it’s rare enough that I don’t need to worry too much about it.

Protection Racket does give me some extra cash, but it seems to mostly push your opponent to not play deeds, so I’m half tempted to look at changing the deck to a different outfit. With this lineup, I could replace the core deed with Allie, which would give me some pressure, as well as another body. With that I could play Original Sloane, or stick with Protection Racket, both options could work well.

I think I only got 1 control point from Stone all day. But I think a big part of that was me picking the wrong targets for things, which I think will come with practice.

I also only got 1 Nightmare Realm off, but the shootout lasted 3 rounds, giving me +3 bullets and them -3, which was really really nice, if having Jose with 6 hexes and a Legendary Holster was viable (rather than just being nuked/booted/unprepared) I’d be tempted to play Grimme to get things like Nightmare Realm out faster.

It might be worth giving Raven a go, since that could be an additional quick control point during the first couple of turns. Like if I go the original Sloane outfit, turn 2 could be a second control on Allie, one from the outfit, one from Raven, and maybe 1 from a deed, so 5 really quick points.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it!

Manchester Tournament


Friday night I still can’t decide which posse to go with. Because it’s late (relatively speaking) I decide to go with Emilia and Pancho, because I like Emilia and I want the start with 2 studs. I then changed about 3 cards in the main deck, dropping a Bowie Knife, a Faithful Hound, and Stakes Just Rose, for a couple more hexes and a job.

Sunday I headed off to Manchester, which involved waking up at 7:30, which is later than I wake up for work, but still felt way too early for a Sunday. Sheffield to Manchester is an hour on the train, which was an hour spent stood in the spot where I got onto the packed train. I practically had a wall of cases around me as everyone rushed to the Airport on a Sunday morning.


Round 1 – Law Dogs

Ol’ Howard grabs me Jokers Smile, and Clementine jumps on. I play carefully, since I’m not sure I’ve actually ever beaten Scott, and while his dudes look easy to shoot, I’m prepared for shenanigans. At some point I lose Allie, so I can’t put much pressure on the board, but I also get out the Legendary Holster, meaning Pancho is quite a big threat. Corporeal Twist on Emilia also let me get a victory point from Willa.

Because he’s low on dudes I push for his deed. But after a couple of turns it’s obvious I’m too strong to push off, and it means I lack any mobility, so pull back.

Eventually I get a couple of deeds down, and have the same control he has influence.

He throws a Bounty Hunter at Pancho, maybe he wants me to waste the Holster, maybe he thinks he might get lucky on the draw, but I think he forgets about the 2 Corporeal Twists on Emilia, so she jumps in and the Bounty Hunter was essentially 1 ghost rock to give me 2 more victory points.


Round 2 – Protection Racket

We’re both running Ol’ Howard into Jokers Smile and putting Clementine on it. He hasn’t got much in the shooting department though, but that does mean he can drop 2 more deeds in the first day, turning off my defensive outfit ability for cash. The only hex I’ve drawn is Mirror Mirror, so it kinda sucks when I get into a shootout in town and he has a couple of 1/2 studs, nothing I can really hurt with the card.

He throws down a 5 of a kind to my legal 4 of a kind. But I don’t have a cheating card.

Next round I go for a cheating 5, and he does again, but he has Flight of the Lepus, which means I need to lose Allie or Pancho.

The rest of the game every shootout I get in he’s got 3 or 4 stud spread across multiple people so I can’t control it, he gets a 5 of a kind (apart from once) and I have no cheating card, meaning I can’t do anything and slowly lose.

I think it ended when Ulysses moved over to my Jokers Smile, since I knew he was obviously gonna throw Clementine out of her own pub!


Round 3 – Gateway to Beyond

He starts moving dudes over to my Jokers Smile, none look like they’re great at shooting, and they’re actually strung out, so I move into town. There’s a callout, and no shootout actions from either of us.

Looking at my hand I can either go for a legal full house, or a cheating 5, and I decide on the cheating 5. I get hit by 2 copies of It’s Not What You Know… and Point Blank, meaning I lose all 3 of my dudes, leaving Clementine alone.

Several turns pass as I get 5 ghost rock a turn, I think I hit 30 Ghostrock at one point, trying to draw one of the 10 or so dudes in the deck, all the while Vince is hoping to draw a final deed to put him on 3 control.

Eventually I get  Mongwau The Mighty, and after turns of being able to change 1 card, give him a couple of hexes and a Legendary Holster and chase them all out of the Jokers Smile.

Next turn I have a hand full of more hexes, and play a Hound just for the Sidekick. And Vince comes back, he’s won lowball, and I completely forget he’s running Unprepared, so I’m quite surprised when Mongwau is a 2 draw I can’t use abilities on, and he folds.

It’s a couple more days before that 3rd control point drops, and I’m done.


Round 4 – 108

I get a Corporeal Twist onto Emilia and move everyone into town to generate control with Allie. There’s a shootout that I win with a Legal 5 of a Kind, and I make a huge mistake that thankfully doesn’t hurt me. I use my last ghost rock to give Allie a Bowie Knife, and realise shortly after that if I lose Lowball, then I’ll have to ditch one of my upkeep dudes to pay the bank back. Thankfully I don’t.

Allie generates control, I play some deeds, and finally I have more control than Kirsty has influence. There’s a big shootout in the town to decide it, and I can’t manage better than a Full House to keep it legal. Thankfully the cheating 5 of a kind I see across from me lets me play Bottom Dealing to give her a two pair.



The game against Vince I was so thankful that I was running Ol’ Howard and Clementine rather than the Lot Commission. While it proved eventually pointless, it was entirely possible I could have drawn 4 dudes, which I could have afforded and 1 unprepared wouldn’t have hurt me.

I had a lot of fun, even though by the end I could feel the lack of sleep from the last two nights (entirely my fault, I can’t help staying up til 3am at the weekend), and was eternally grateful that I could actually sit down on the train on the way back.

I don’t think against Vince I could have had better cards, and I think maybe I should have built up a bit before going in since there seemed to be little threat. I think part of that was against Scott I felt I could have pushed earlier and didn’t, and this game I wanted to start that push.

Against the other protection racket I think a single cheating card would have made all the difference, but I’m not sure I can justify having more than 4 in my deck, We Got Beef feels satisfying, and I don’t think I’d want to change it. I miss Mr Bones.

So I think it’s not a problem with the deck, although I think I can tweak a couple of cards here and there, I think the problem is with being too aggressive when I don’t have a hand to back it up. Generally knowing my dudes are stronger doesn’t help as much when they have a bunch of shootout and resolutions, and I don’t.

Revising the Starting Lineup.


On and off I’ve been redoing all my work on my starting posse selection.

With the same list of Hucksters, Shooters, and a “Main Influence” possibility I wanted to expand the selection. Because of how under powered it felt when I couldn’t play a deed I took my own idea of Ol’Howard+Jokers Smile, and someone else’s suggestion on the Gomorrow Lot Commission. With that I added Clementine add a Main Influence to pair with Jokers Smile.

Because of how important Darragh felt in the games, I added a column of a Yes/No with him, and another for Allie since my deck isn’t aggressive enough to close out games quickly, and I think Allie would be great to cover that.


With all these selections mixed together, I end up with over 400 different combinations.

As before, I did a bunch of formulas, and added generic 3 cost 1 influence dudes to make each line at least 4 influence. Straight off, I can discard about 40% of these options, because either I can’t afford it, or I need more than 5 dudes. As an example, if I’m running Allie / Darragh / Ol’Howard / Emilia / Buford, that’s all 5 dudes and I have 0 influence.


This instantly narrows down the Allie + Darragh options to 2. Because I’m also playing a deed, my remaining 2 dudes need to have 2 influence each, so that’s Steele Archer EXP locked in, and either Pancho or Marion EXP.

As for the complete list, I need more rules to narrow down my choices. I can knock another 92 off the list if I want to have a stud in my starting posse, but that limits me to starting Pancho or Emilia. Part of me feels that maybe that’s too restrictive, but another part of me is remembering how awkward it was when I didn’t draw Mirror, Mirror, Stakes Just Rose, or Bowie Knives (11 cards out of my deck…)

If I ditch the lines with Jake Smiley (since I think I can cope without him), takes me down to 36 options. Another 17 of those options, I don’t have a backup Huckster. Some of these are copies of earlier lines, where I have 4 dudes (include the deed) which is a copy of an earlier line with the same 4 dudes (and deed) but with Darragh on top, but some aren’t.


After cutting 5 lines with an upkeep of 4, I’m left with 7 lines that include Allie, and only 2 of those have a backup Huckster, one time with Darragh, and one would come from Antheia. Ignoring that for a while, I’ve taken out all the lines that contain neither Allie or Darragh, since while some of these are just copies without that dude, I can’t think of a reason where it’d be beneficial.


The 4 options that include Steele Archer EXP are all pretty much exactly the same, so I can cut the 3 lines that don’t include both Allie and Darragh, since they get no benefit from not having those dudes. The options that include Jose have Lot Commission + Clementine on some lines, so I can remove those.

With Emilia, there are Ulysses + Commission vs Ol’ Howard + Clementine options, which is 1 extra upkeep to have Ulysses be called out, so they can go.


I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to choose between the remaining 7 options, definitely not before I finish this post…


Covering All Bases:

Allie, Darragh, Steele Archer EXP, Lot Commission, Pancho Castillo.

This is the only line up where we get both Allie and Darragh. Steele Archer can reuse a Hex, which is always good, Mirror, Mirror is more effective on him than Emilia usually, and he can’t be hit with something like Sun in Ya Eyes and have to hurt his Huckster ability like Jose does. The only awkward thing really is that Darragh is gonna be the one booting at my deed, which means I can’t ditch him when I lose a shootout easily…


Jose Morales

Both these options look similar, and aren’t that different to the above. Essentially because we lack the influence on this Huckster we end up needing to pick up Antheia instead of either Allie or Darragh.

This gives us influence on 3 dudes instead of 2, which is good. But that can make Allie our expendable dude in a shootout. Antheia will fail the easy Mirror, Mirror on 12 cards in the deck, but unlike Darragh she gets to try again the next day.


Emilia Vivirias

Allie, Ol’ Howard, Emilia Vivirias, Marion Saville EXP, Clementine.

All 4 options with Emilia have Ol’ Howard and Clementine, meaning they lock 2 of my influence that can’t be called out sitting in my Jokers Smile.

The other options are Darragh instead of Allie, and Pancho instead of Marion.

It’s worth noting that 2 of these options are the only ones with an upkeep of 2, since Emilia hits that Stud requirement without needing Pancho. Also, the two options that start Allie don’t actually have a backup Huckster.

The option above, but with Darragh rather than Allie, gives me a backup Huckster, only has an upkeep of 2, and in fact leaves me with 1 Ghostrock if I lose Lowball.


Conclusion for now

I can’t cut this list down definitely to 1 unfortunately. While I’m glad I took 416 options down to 7, each seems to have pros and cons. And in fact while writing this, I’ve taken a quick look at the options without a stud, and added 4 more “possibles” including:

Allie, Ol’ Howard, Jose, Clementine, Antheia.

Where Jose is our huckster and shooter, and this only has 1 upkeep…

Card Preview – Buffalo Emporium

Shortly after the posts I made yesterday regarding my performance and deck at Huddersfield, I was contacted regarding a card spoiler for the upcoming Doomtown set.

Not sure a lot of preamble is required, so here’s the card:Buffalo Emporium

I’ve played on a value of 6 before, and the deeds aren’t that great for economy. There are a couple of 4/+2 deeds, and other things that might be useful, but nothing you can really rely on for the cash. Buffalo Emporium joins a short list of other deeds (3!) with a 3/+2 economy, which will no doubt be an auto include in any deck running on 6’s.

It doesn’t stop there however, as it’s a Ranch, which obviously synergises with a few other cards, especially for Morgan.

The ability is also great. For an Abomination deck this provides a way to unboot a dude and get a stud bonus which is always a good thing.

For non abominations it’s still great, if your opponent plans on trying to boot your dudes, or even kick them out of shootouts, and as someone who got hit by a Kidnapping/Pistol Whip effect, and also by Run ‘Em Down! in the same tournament, this would have been very useful.

That makes this card quite a defendable location.

If you wanted to go overboard, you could have it as the only deed in your deck, grift it out with Howard Aswell, use Kyle Wagner to use it’s ability twice, and throw down a couple of Cattle Feeders and at least 1 Rancher’s Lariat.

I think it’s a great card and look forward to using it in my decks.


I did also want to mention the art. For a start I love how the foreground looks “hard” and the background looks “soft”, I don’t know much about art, so there’s probably a term for this. The message I got with this said it was tied to Dodge City, which obviously means the signpost says “Welcome to Dodge”.

Really though the part of the art that really grabbed my attention was the blue demon cattle. Grabbing my Deadlands RPG book, it really does look like a Los Diablos, which I find particularly exciting as someone who used to run Los Diablos Stampede in classic (Hi 90% of the people I played at Gencon UK)

Hope you enjoyed the reveal and my short rambling about it!

Decklist Breakdown


I’ve put the deck up on the Doomtown Database HERE for anyone interested on where I currently am with my Sloane Hucksters. Not sure how far I’ll get rambling about the thought process behind the deck, but I thought I’d write up a post about it regardless.


Mirror, Mirror

This is my favourite Hex, possibly my favourite card. It’s the card the entire deck is built around, not by it being a central pillar of what I need to do so much, more that if it hurts me playing Mirror, Mirror I won’t play it.

To me it’s two extremely strong shootout actions, either of which would be a really good action card, an action card letting you choose either would be mental, and I can use it every single turn!


Starting Huckster – The Outfit

I need a huckster who can cast Mirror, Mirror when I draw a 2. This means at a minimum they need to be a Huckster 2, ideally a Huckster 4. There are only a limited number of options available obviously, and a large number of those aren’t viable as a starting dude.

Fortunately, the outfit I initially started playing as (Sloane) has a theme of hucksters being better at shootout hexes. Actually looking at it, having a dude cast Mirror, Mirror is easier in Sloane than 4th Ring.


Legendary Holster

The deck runs low values, looking at 2’s initially. This means we can also use the Legendary Holster. Jose with a Legendary Holster and 2x Mirror, Mirror could take apart most posses by himself requiring no cards from hand (although obviously I don’t rely on this).

I find the idea of having my deck in that tight band where it’s high enough to cast hexes, but low enough for the Holster fascinating. It even just feels like a natural evolution of the “low value spell decks” theme I’ve been looking at most my time playing reloaded.



Obviously Mirror, Mirror is the first pick.

Even with my tight structure, Bottom Dealin’ should be a good cheating card. I don’t want to run 4 though, so I went with Mugging, which tends to be useful against certain gadgets, other people running Legendary Holster, horses, stuff like that. In a slightly older version of the deck this was A Fight They’ll Never Forget, and really Back Ways was a strong choice, especially when it was a Desolation Row deck.

I don’t think there’s much worth mentioning about the Dudes and Deeds, they seem the best choices.



The main thing I feel that enabled this deck to exist in this space was Bowie Knife existing, Shotgun is fine, but I feel it struggles somewhat in Sloane without having expensive studs. In the life of this “theme” I’ve moved from Shotguns to Rapiers to now Bowie Knives. Heartseeker I feel isn’t particularly strong, since often my opponents will struggle to have a good shooter, and therefore, this probably wouldn’t target who I would like it to. But I did include 1 copy in case it’s useful.

This did have 2 copies of Stakes Just Rose, but when I changed it to having no starting studs, this had to go up to 4.

Again, I feel the dudes and deeds are standard. Was interesting the number of dudes I could find who were 3 bullets on this value (potential holster carries), and we’ve got our “bad huckster” backups up to 3 now.



4 copies of Coachwhip (one of my favourite cheating cards) felt too much here, so I went down to 2. We Got Beef was something I hadn’t tried before, but I figured that it had dual purpose in either grabbing their hiding influence, or another tool to let me get a dude I needed into a shootout. There might be a stronger option, but it feels good to me.

None of the hearts felt good for the deck, so I landed on 2 copies of Faithful Hound as essentially more Legendary Holster protection. It worked well for me, and there’s nothing as good I feel, although I think I saw a preview of a 4 value Hex on Facebook that would just slot into this deck (but I’d have to think about it after my Hound ate so many mechanical skeletons…)

The Dudes gives us another 2 Hucksters (one of which is good enough for Mirror, Mirror!) and another shooter. And the other main appeal of the 4s are access to 2 deeds that only have a cost of 2.


Corporeal Twist

I believe this was the initial card that lead me down the Sloane Huckster pit I’ve not put any effort into climbing out. From the days of Jose toting a Shotgun and 2 copies of this, giving people a fight they’ll never forget, and generating a whole lot of control points.

While most of my decks would start with 4 of these next to the 4 Mirror, Mirrors, I decided to go with 4s over 5s (I felt the dudes, deeds and actions were better) so this is an off value, so down to 2.


Draw Structure

16x16x12 – You’ll note that one of the considerations for my starting posse is the fact that it doesn’t share a value with any cards in my structure, meaning I have the full 16×16 in the deck, not a 14 and 2 in play.

I did have a 15x15x14, but wanted to make it tighter if possible.

Another consideration I had was trying to not stack up on Actions so much, since in the past I’ve had games where I’m not getting the dudes or deeds I need to stay in the game, which means in the main deck there are 11 of each, previously I might have gone down to 8 or 9.


Outfit – Protection Racket

Honestly, this seemed like a good idea since I feel I can field a few power houses with the hexes and holster, so I can in theory push into multiple of my opponents deeds. Actually playing it it seems this isn’t really what the Outfit accomplishes, maybe in a drawn out game.

Essentially the outfit card isn’t part of the deck, it’s a Sloane Huckster deck, and with 0 other changes I could run this out of the original home, or Desolation Row. I’d probably want to change at least 2 or 3 cards for Den of Thieves, since I don’t have any grifters…


Starting Posse

In previous posts I’ve gone on about the amount of time I spent on this starting posse. So I feel going over it again wouldn’t be productive. But just so it’s together here, I believe this is the best posse I could come up with (especially when you believe that you’ll always bully your way onto deeds, maybe not so much when they avoid playing a single deed…) But the things I was trying to hit were:

  1. Huckster who’s at least a 2 for Mirror, Mirror
  2. Backup Huckster, who has a reasonable chance to cast Mirror, Mirror.
  3. A dude with 3 bullets, so the Holster can go straight on them, and only fail on 3 other cards in the deck.
  4. At least 4 influence, preferably over at least 3 different dudes.
  5. If possible a cheap dude who can be cannon fodder near the start of the game.


Not sure if any of this will help anyone else thinking for doing similar, but I enjoyed writing this, and hopefully it makes sense!

Hucksters at Huddersfield


I think it’s a clear indicator that I’m playing the same deck when my goto image for my posts is the same dude over and over.

Headed off to Huddersfield with my Hucksters deck, and enjoyed a number of games where spoiler alert I didn’t do too well. I do feel like the excessive work I did on selecting my starting posse paid off though, I don’t think I could have had a better selection of dudes for what I was going for (and I’ve specifically not said “for the deck”).

Round 1 – Original Law Dogs

It’s never good to see Wendy at a starting dude when I need to be able to move around. No deeds hit the table, and with his grafter booted he moves his 3 other dudes into the town square.

Once he boots the two that aren’t went to his outfit ability I decide to just go for a shootout, I’m sure I can out shoot him. Wendy sends Marion home, but I use Stakes to get him back in as a stud.

He plays that shootout action that punishes cheating. I get my cards and can put together a Legal 4 of a kind. He on the other hand can only manage a two pair, wishing he hadn’t played that shootout action. All his dudes other than his 0 influence grafter are now gone, and two turns later I draw a deed.


Round 2 – Regulating Morgan

I get down a deed, use protection racket there and play a doggie. My opponent kind of wants to play goods, and doesn’t like to see the mechanical skeleton eating dog.

I also quickly get out the Legendary Holster. But my deck is stacked so much that I don’t win lowball very often, and when I don’t he might start a shootout and negate the Holster (don’t think I got to use it once). I eat some skeletons, but unfortunately he’s running pinned down and it’s not what you know. Which actually means I sometimes lose a shootout by 1 rank, and my lead shooter is gone.

It seems to take an age for me to draw enough control points, and with him not playing deeds my outfit can’t give me any.

When I eventually draw enough control points to force him out, time is looming. I decide to go for a Mugging on one of his dudes which would take 2+ influence off him, and essentially means he won’t be able to win. The thought that I can just sit around and win at time enters my head, but that doesn’t seem like a cool thing to do, and I’m there to have fun, not win at all costs.

Turns out the Mugging doesn’t go well, there’s two rounds and I can’t manage better than a legal Full House, I couldn’t even make a cheating 4 of a kind, either round.

He boots my final dude with influence at home to prevent me blocking him taking enough of my deeds for a win.


Round 3 – Eagle Wardens

He plays a General Goods Store, and the Buford I played to cycle my hand somewhat moves over there, actually feels quite tense as I wonder if I can pull it off, but he manages to trigger Protection Racket, and gives me enough money to get my own deed.

What follows however is a combination of Kidnapping and Mariel, meaning my dudes are being killed automatically due to a lack of influence. Unfortunately the first dude picked off was my Marion as day 2 I tried to ninja the Goods Store to get a cheaper Holster.

Last game I couldn’t get deeds fast enough, this game?

bad hand

Actually another game where I played the Legendary Holster, and it was pretty much just negated by my opponent.


Round 4 – Regulating Morgan

I think this is the most “normal” game for this deck, as his starting dudes go in to the town square, and with 2 copies of Mirror, Mirror I know I’m going to be able to shoot better. So I wipe out most his dudes.

I start to apply pressure by playing deeds, and build up with some expendable dudes etc.

Eventually I have too much control on the board, and he’s forced into trying to shoot me but can’t, and ends up getting hit by another legal 4 of a kind.


Round 5 – Sanatorium 4th Ring

My opening hand is trash, two deeds I can’t afford, 2 dogs. I slap down a Mirror, Mirror, and nothing much else. He’s playing tons of conditions and spells, none of which really worry me, but I am worried that I can’t actually do anything.

I think it’s day 3 where I move everyone into town to try and defend against more Fiddle Games, and do so. I destroy him in the shootout, but apparently “The Law Goes Underground” means he just goes home so I’ve accomplished very little.

Eventually he plays a Condition Job which I defend, and since I have no studs my hand isn’t great, but he’s got +3 hand rank at least, so I just fold.

He even asks me if I was waiting for something since I played 3 cards all game, obviously confused how a deck that does nothing had made it to the 2-2 position. Unfortunately, my deck had screwed itself, and my opponent not playing deeds and me never winning lowball, I just couldn’t do anything.


The day

Was a great day. I did leave before time was called for round 5 since it’d take me a good hour and a half to get home, and with a 2-3 record I wasn’t getting any top prizes.

I don’t know if it’s the amount of Gwent I’ve been playing, but I still keep thinking I’d be tilted or salty after a 2-3 record, but I’m not. I had a lot of fun, I’m quite happy with the deck, and I just came away with ideas for deck changes and really looking forward to the next one. As usual, talked to some cool people, and as usual it’s good when someone’s impressed with my deck idea.


The Deck

The cards in the deck work, the premise works, and the starting posse works. But I still went 2-3, so what’s the problem?

Even though not having a deed broke me in game 5, I felt it’s absence in most games. I think if I were to run Protection Racket again, I need to start 4+ ghostrock, or a deed. When looking at my starting posse there was consideration for Ol’ Howard and Clementine, and really I should have looked at that more.

My main concern on that front is that if I’m spending so many of my starting dudes on that, can I apply pressure if they hit 3 deeds? I’m unsure if the answer is yes, no, or simply that people will still avoid playing 3 deeds, either because that’s a crazy thing to do for a lot of decks, or if it’s slide I can just outshoot them anyway.

The Legendary Holster did pretty much nothing all day. It was a 4 cost waste of time really. If I drop the Holster I can alter my draw structure possibly, although I think 2/3 is really strong anyway, meaning I’m switching the 4s, and to be honest the 4s were strong.

I do think forcing a 3 Draw dude in my starting posse didn’t help, since I often felt in a poor position when I didn’t draw any of my “make this dude a stud” tools. But that probably just means Barton, which is a bit disappointing really. There was 1 instance of Jose’s bullets being reduced meaning I could have failed a Mirror, Mirror but I succeeded, but if I drop the Holster and 3 Draws, I could start Emilia instead.

Finally, I had two games where my lack of control points really hurt me. I essentially started and stuck with Sloane due to the control point generation, it’s what I played in classic, and the original Sloane outfit is essentially a copy of a classic card I once built a deck around. So I’d quite like Allie in my starting posse from now on. I think the decks I make favour quick games, and I need more pressure against slow opponents. Historically I might go for Kidnapping and similar, but Allie is also great at that.


Starting Posse

I think if I were to play the exact same deck today, I’d go with a different starting posse. Without even putting more thought into it, looking at my long spreadsheet, the 8 choices I was comparing, 2 stand out right now:

Jose Morales, Ulysses Marks, Antheia Pansofia, Darragh Meng, Allie Hensman

Essentially breaking up the influence and bullets from Marion across Ulysses and Allie (although Allie can’t use the Holster) this is pretty much exactly the same apart from my “back up” shooter wants to generate control in the town square and my influence isn’t great at defending itself.

Emilia Vivirias, Pancho Castillo, Clementine Lepp, Ol’ Howard, Darragh Meng

With 2 upkeep and losing lowball my net is 0 per turn. Getting out a Jokers Smile and having 3 upkeep my net is 1 per turn, making the opening economy on this actually better. With this I’m actually running a 3 stud, and my huckster is a stud. This devalues Bowie Knife I feel, and might actually push against having 3’s as a strong value in the deck, which if I also changed the deck would give a lot more options.

Even looking at Jake Smilie options, something like:

Jose Morales, Samantha “Sammy” Cooke, Jake Smiley, Darragh Meng, Allie Hensman

Might have been a strong option.



This has been a long post. Not sure when I’ll look at my deck next, but the focus continues to be low value spells, with Mirror, Mirror being one of, if not the top, favourite cards in the game.

Thanks for reading this far if you have, hope you enjoyed the post!

This again…


Recently I looked at my starting posse, and was unhappy. In general my unhappiness was that it didn’t look great, nothing solid, but I thought I could do better.

I then went and spent about 3 or 4 hours creating a spreadsheet to try and work out what would be best, or at the least discount any ideas that were generally bad.

Starting this off, I listed 3 Hucksters who could be my “main” huckster, I listed 4 Shooters who were suitable for the Legendary Holster, and I listed 2 options of “main influence”.

  • Jose Morales
  • Emilia Vivirias
  • Steele Archer EXP
  • Rick Henderson
  • Pancho Castillo
  • Marion Seville EXP
  • Buford Hurley
  • Ulysses Marks
  • Jake Smiley

I made a Matrix of all the combinations of these, including an extra main influence of “None”. Also included were using Jose as my Main Shooter with Emilia, or using Jose as both my Huckster and my shooter.

Next I added as many generic 3 cost 1 influence dudes as needed to hit 4 influence. I then added that if I was going to start with 3 upkeep, I needed to start with Ol’ Howard to pull out a Jokers Smile, so I could get money from my outfit straight away.

I wanted to keep 2 Ghostrock if I lost lowball, and checked, and half my matrix was too expensive, so I could cut it down.

Next I went and put them into different categories, and some of the options in categories were obviously superior to others, but the “Jake Smiley” category was full of viable options, so I started to fill in the rest of the starting posse. This let me identify those posse’s where I could think about including dudes like Allie Hensman.

I ended up putting those into another Matrix with a bunch of crosses in, so I could see what dudes where in which of the remaining 18 potentials.


7 Of these options included Emilia, 5 of which needed Jake to be viable. 5 were using Steele Archer EXP, and 7 using Jose. (which totals 19, but one of the options was still Emilia and Jose together).


Really, I could go with any of these options, they all seem to have pro’s and con’s against each other, but they’re all viable. So I ended up thinking about how I wanted my influence spread, and how viable it would be to use my outfit ability.

In any of the Jake Smiley options, Jake can’t control a location, so would struggle to let me using my outfit. I also ended up thinking about a problem which I encounter because I’m worried about targeted removal of my dudes, which is spreading my influence.

If I have all my influence on important dudes, then I have cannon fodder for shootouts, but if my important dude is killed without me being able to use my cannon fodder, I’m in trouble.

If I have all my influence spread, that means when I lose 1 or 2 dudes in a shootout, I’m losing influence.

If I have all my influence on people I keep out of shootouts, then when I lose 1 or 2 dudes in a shootout, it’s my important dudes…

I’ve had games in the past where my main and backup shooters are killed, and my influence sit scared at home while I try and rebuild, so I was hoping to avoid that somewhat. Of those options it seemed to me the first is better, if I have a throwaway dudes I’ll be better off, especially since I think losing dudes in shootouts will be more common than not being able to sacrifice some 1 cost dude.

That all ties into Jake Smiley being an even worse option. It also felt like it was pushing me towards having Marion Seville EXP as my main shooter, since he has 2 influence, I’ll not sacrifice him first, and he can keep shooting. His ability would also sometimes come in handy, Marion also costs 6, which keeps the 3 cost to 1 influence ratio that all my other shooters were behind on.

Sticking with these “feel comfortable” rules I’d imposed leaves me with 3 possible lineups, one with each huckster. Unfortunately, I also noticed that skipping the Jake lines ment I would only have 4 dudes in my starting lineup, apart from one which started Ulysses and used Jose as my Shooter and Huckster.

With Emilia I need to make up 2 more influence, which would be generic influence. Meaning if I need to lose someone in a shootout, it’d be Emilia or influence.

With Jose, My 4th body was Darragh Meng. Who was not only expendable, but if something happened to Jose, he could successfully cast all the hexes in my deck, and while discarding them wouldn’t be amazing, still being able to use them would be nice…

With Steele Archer EXP, I get Darragh and Willa Mae MacGowan.


Thinking about all these options, the Jose line up seemed the best option. Due to the restrictions of the deck, I think I’d cornered myself into starting with 4 dudes and 2 upkeep, so I had to live with that. This option gives me 3 dudes with influence, plus an expandable dude. I start with 3 hucksters, 2 of which can cast all the spells no problem, and another that potentially can…

And while I prefer Emilia, Jose being a draw actually makes Mirror, Mirror better in some situations. It also lets me double down on cards that make my dudes Studs, since something like Stakes Just Rose will get my huckster into a shootout and be better on Jose.


I said last time, that Emilia + 3 cost influence was like Jose + 1 cost no one. Turns out with the costs being so tight, and Darragh being better for the deck than whatever ability a 3 cost influence dude would bring, that the second option is much more appealing.

I also tweaked some of the values. I think I was running something like 15/14/14, and now I’m on 16/16/11. Although part of me is still wondering about taking the Dudes/Deeds/Hearts from the 4s and get the 5 and 6 of Clubs in there for a potential straight flush, but I can’t see me drawing enough cards, and I think it’d hurt the Legendary Holster too much.